4 Tips For Relieving Anxiety In Dogs

2 May 2017
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Dogs tend to have their unique personalities, just like humans. While some dogs may be naturally calm, other dogs can have a personality that is marked by regularly showing signs of anxiety and fear. A dog quickly becomes a member of the family, so it is natural to want to help your dog if he has chronic anxiety. Use the following tips to help an anxious and fearful dog: Extra Cuddling Read More 

4 Signs Your Dog Needs Dental Care

21 April 2016
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Many dog owners overlook the importance of their dog's oral health. Your dog's oral health should be just as important as their overall health. This means visiting a pet dentist almost as often as you visit a veterinarian for a regular check up. Not many dog owners are aware when their dog needs attention from a pet dentist either. Here are four signs that you should take your dog to see a pet dentist today: Read More