4 Signs Your Dog Needs Dental Care

21 April 2016
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Many dog owners overlook the importance of their dog's oral health. Your dog's oral health should be just as important as their overall health. This means visiting a pet dentist almost as often as you visit a veterinarian for a regular check up. Not many dog owners are aware when their dog needs attention from a pet dentist either. Here are four signs that you should take your dog to see a pet dentist today:

  1. Bad Breath: One sign that your dog needs dental care is if they have horrible breath. Having bad breath isn't just gross for you when your dog is in your face, but it can also be a sign that there is a problem with their oral health. For example, many dogs who have horrible breath have some form of periodontal disease that needs to be treated right away. Too often, dog owners overlook bad breath as just a normal part of having a dog. However, this is not the case. 
  2. Swollen Gums: It's important to be checking your dog's mouth often. If you notice that their gums appear to be swollen, you must be sure that you take them to a pet dentist. This is likely due to a bacterial infection and antibiotics can treat the problem easily, especially if the issue is caught early. This will allow your dog to continue to feel comfortable eating as they normally do, as well.
  3. Yellow Teeth: Another sign that your dog needs dental care is a sign that too many dog owners believe is a normal part of owning a dog. This sign is your dog having yellow teeth. Yellow teeth means that your dog has a great deal of tartar build up, which is going to lead to infection and possibly some form of gum disease. This can be avoided with regular brushing and regular dental cleanings.
  4. Drooling: Excessive drooling is not something that is normal for any type of dog. The reason for excessive drooling is usually because of an abscess that is causing your dog to be in pain. The reason they drool is because it becomes too difficult to even swollen. Your dog should be treated for this problem right away so they won't be in pain and can continue eating as normal.

When you know these four signs that your dog needs pet dental care, you can be sure that you aren't overlooking any kind of health problem your dog may be suffering from.