Looking At Maltipoo Puppies For Sale? Helpful Information For A Better Experience

26 July 2021
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The term "designer dog" is often used when talking about crossbred puppies that result from the deliberate crossing of two specific breeds with popular or desirable traits. Initially, Maltipoo puppies result from breeding a Maltese to a toy or miniature poodle. However, later generation Maltipoos may result from breeding two Maltipoos or by breeding a Maltipoo back to a poodle or Maltese.  

When looking at Maltipoo puppies for sale, prospective buyers should understand that the American Kennel Club (AKC), a renowned authority on dog breeds, does not accept the Maltipoo breed on their registry because they are crossbred. Other organizations, including the American Canine Hybrid Club and the International Designer Canine Registry, do recognize the Maltipoo breed and accept them for placement on their registries. 

Expectations when adding a Maltipoo to your household

One of the reasons many people fall in love with Maltipoos is their endearing, puppyish appearance that continues throughout their lives. But Maltipoo puppies have additional qualities that have helped them become popular companions, including their tendency to be friendly and affectionate, while also readily adapting to housetraining and the daily routines of the household. 

Maltipoos also have moderate needs for exercise, making them more suitable for busy lifestyles or apartment living than more active breeds that need a large yard and hours of very active play. While Maltipoos will need daily brushing and regular grooming to keep their coats looking their best, they rarely shed or drool, both of which are qualities that most pet parents appreciate. 

Potential issues to consider before purchasing a puppy

While Maltipoo puppies often offer the very best qualities of both the Maltese and Poodle breeds, it is important to consider some potential issues before purchasing a puppy of any breed. For example: 

  • allergy sufferers may enjoy a better experience with a Maltipoo puppy, but no breed can be guaranteed to be hypoallergenic
  • Maltipoos and many other puppies specifically bred to have traits that make them good companions can be prone to separation anxiety or more apt to develop problematic barking behavior
  • toy breeds are very small in size as puppies, so introducing them into a household that includes small children or other pets can require supervision

There are many good reasons to consider adding a Maltipoo puppy to your household. To ensure that the puppy you choose will enjoy robust health, prospective purchasers should buy only from a reputable breeder. If possible, it is also advisable to visit the breeder and view the puppy's parents and the environment in which the puppies are bred and raised. 

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