Looking For A Veterinary Internship? Tips To Get You In The Door

28 December 2020
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog

If you consider yourself to be an animal lover, becoming a veterinarian can be like the fulfillment of a childhood fantasy that may have never seemed obtainable. You've gone through your initial education and are right on track to get your certification so you can care for animals of all shapes, sizes, and varieties. Each day is bound to feel like an adventure as you meet new furry friends and help nurse them back to good health. Before you can take the next step in your journey, you need to obtain a veterinary internship. Here are a few tips you can utilize to place yourself at the front of the line.

Emphasize Your Need For The Education

Some internships can seem more like assistant roles. You pick up coffee for your mentor, file paperwork, answer phones, and perform other menial tasks around the office. All it really takes is consistency and a basic level of eagerness to fulfill these positions, but they can be sorely lacking when it comes to really teaching you the ins and outs of the actual career.

You want to do everything possible to avoid a fruitless internship and it starts during the interview process. Be sure to express to the recruiter how much you really desire to learn about the position so it prepares you to take the lead once you've completed it. Be passionate and don't be afraid to let your real love of the profession shine through. You're ready to turn your book knowledge into real-world application and an educational veterinary internship is the way to do it!

Be Willing To Go Interactive

An internship shouldn't necessarily be a passive experience. Yes, you will be on the receiving end of an abundance of information but if you really want to get the most out of the experience, you should be willing to take an active stance as well.

Let your interviewer know that you are willing to give weekly presentations outlining what you've learned thus far in the program. This not only reinforces your knowledge but also shows that you take the position seriously and want to maximize the time so you can walk away from your internship fully equipped to be a licensed veterinarian.

It's never too early to start applying for internships. Put in as many applications as possible to increase your chances of being selected for the role of a lifetime.

For more information about veterinary internship opportunities, contact a local veterinary clinic.