Why You Should Take Your Pet To An Emergency Animal Clinic

19 April 2018
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog

As a pet owner, you want to make sure that you are well aware of the instances when it is best to take your pet to an emergency animal clinic versus waiting for an appointment with your regular vet. To help you get a clearer understanding of this, you will want to take a moment to read through some of the upcoming vital information.

Excessive Vomiting Is Dangerous

Too much vomiting can quickly lead to dehydration in your pet. Therefore, if your pet vomits more than a couple of times or you notice that it is simply unable to hold down even the smallest amount of water, it is time to rush to the emergency vet. They might have to insert and IV in order to get fluids in your pet while attempt to figure out the cause of the illness, such as poisoning or a simple virus.

It Could Be Too Late If You Wait

Depending on what is wrong with your pet, you might find that waiting too long to seek medical care from a vet could cause your pet to pass away. For example, if your pet was hit by a vehicle, but by all accounts looks to be fine, you might think that it can wait a couple of days to be seen by your regular vet. However, there could be internal bleeding that you cannot see. Saving your pets life may only be able to be done if you get prompt care from an emergency vet.

Waiting Could Be More Expensive

There are some pet owners that worry about the cost of taking their pet to the emergency animal clinic because they usually charge a little more than their regular vet. While this can be an understandable concern, it should be noted that waiting too long to get your pet the medical care that they need could end up costing you more money in the long run. For example, the longer you wait the worse your pet's condition becomes. It could then be harder and more expensive for the vet to heal your pet. So, you end up spending more money by waiting and your pet had to suffer longer with the medical problems that it is dealing with. This is why it is a better idea to simply go ahead and take off for the emergency vet clinic.

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