Three Possible Reasons Why Your Cat Is Having Repeated Diarrhea

2 January 2019
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog

Having a pet go through diarrhea even once is something that no pet owner wants to experience, but if your cat is having repeated on-again off-again diarrhea, it could pose a hazard to their health. Long-term diarrhea can leave your cat dehydrated and weakened, so consider the following three possible causes and how a vet can help you with them.

Poor Diet

Every cat is different: their metabolisms, food sensitivities, and caloric needs vary wildly. So if your cat eats fancy cat food, while it might seem strange to hear that they're eating poorly, they very well could be.

If your cat's diet has too little or too much fiber, grain, or additives, it can potentially irritate their stomach and lead to long-term inflammation. The risk of diarrhea goes up when the gut is inflamed, and until the initial cause is treated, the diarrhea is likely to come back.

Consider seeing your vet to discuss your cat's personal dietary needs. They can recommend a formula that will ensure that your cat is getting everything they need and nothing that they don't.


If your cat has ever been sick in the past and was prescribed antibiotics, it's possible that this is connected to your cat's diarrhea.

Antibiotics are excellent tools for fighting and killing bacteria in the body. However, not all bacteria is bad bacteria. Good bacteria exists in the gut that helps to break down food that's eaten by your cat. When this bacteria is functioning, it reduces the risk of problems like diarrhea and can help to keep your cat from being gassy. But if that bacteria is killed by antibiotics, your cat's digestion can be thrown out of whack without its helpful ally.

Stomach bacteria can be replenished with probiotics. Talk to your vet to find out which kind is best for your cat and has the bacteria strains they need.


Finally, while it's horrifying to think about, it's possible that something has poisoned your cat that they're coming into contact with on a regular basis. This may be something as simple as a type of flower or plant outside that they've encountered that's poisonous to cats, like lilies. However, it's also possible that if your cat has been hunting, they may have encountered a mouse or rat that had already been poisoned by anti-pest poison.

If your cat goes outside and you think there's any chance that they've come into contact with something dangerous, you need to seek help from a vet immediately.

Any of these problems can cause repeated diarrhea for a cat. If your cat doesn't get relief at home with you, it's time to get to an animal hospital.